S0C4 Abend

S0C4 Abend What is a S0C4 Abend? S0C4 Abend is a protection exception when a virtual address cannot be mapped with a physical address. When S0C4 Abend occurs An Invalid address referenced due to subscript error In a group Move the length of the receiving field was defined incorrectly Moving variable length record which is

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S0C7 Abend

S0C7 Abend What is S0C7 Abend? S0C7 is a Data exception abend. When S0C7 Abend occurs? S0C7 abend is a Data exception which is caused when a usage computational-3 field has an invalid data (which is not 0-9). It may also be caused if the last byte contains an invalid sign bit (which is anything

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S222 Abend

S222 Abend What is a S222 Abend? S222 is a system Abend (operator cancelled). When S222 Abend occurs? This generally occurs when the program is looping and the operator has to cancel the job. Job may be waiting for resources which are not available temporarily and the operator cancels the job. The job is causing

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S822 Abend

S822 Abend What is a S822 Abend? S822 is a system Abend caused by unavailability of region. When S822 Abend occurs? When the region in which the job is submitted is unavailable to initiate the job. When the region requested to initiate a TSO user is unavailable. How to Resolve S822? ; ; ; ; Try

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S322 Abend

S322 Abend What is a S322 Abend? S322 is a “Time out” system Abend When S322 Abend occurs? The time taken by the job was more than the time specified in the TIME parameter of the EXEC or the job statement. The time taken by the job has exceeded the limit set in JES. How

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Mainframe JCL Abend Examples

Abend An AbEnd (abnormal end) is an exception condition which results in the abnormal termination of a program or software.  Its is a common terminology used in the mainframe world where a JCL terminates with an error code.  Following section covers some common abends faced by mainframe developers S0C1 Operation Exception Cause Reading or writing

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abend tracker

There are times when you wish to log user/system abends and their resolution for future reference. There are a lot many tools available which provide you information about system abends but the following tool can be used to log user/system abends and the resolution along with user details so that you can log abend details pertaining to your

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Dynamic calling giving S0C1 abend while calling subprogram

Dynamic calling giving S0C1 abend while calling subprogram I have a program DYNA1 which calls another program DYNA2 dynamically.  I compiled the two programs using “DYNAM” option of compiler and link edited the links LDYNA1 and LDYNA2. But when I try to run a program DYNA1, it fails with S0C1 while trying to call DYNA2. I could see the

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