abend tracker

There are times when you wish to log user/system abends and their resolution for future reference.

There are a lot many tools available which provide you information about system abends but the following tool can be used to log user/system abends and the resolution along with user details so that you can log abend details pertaining to your project.

How to Start Using it?

  • Login to mainframewizard.com using your user id and password or register for a new account if you do not have a user id and password.
  • Once you login to the website, you can go to page http://mainframewizard.com/content/abend-tracker and you will be able to view the attachement (Abendtracker.zip)
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  • Download the Abendtracker.zip file 
  • Extract the zip file to any folder on your computer.
  • Double click on the Abendtracker.exe file and start using the tool.

In case of any comments or suggestions please mail me at mainframewizard@gmail.com