Dynamic calling giving S0C1 abend while calling subprogram

Dynamic calling giving S0C1 abend while calling subprogram I have a program DYNA1 which calls another program DYNA2 dynamically.  I compiled the two programs using “DYNAM” option of compiler and link edited the links LDYNA1 and LDYNA2. But when I try to run a program DYNA1, it fails with S0C1 while trying to call DYNA2. I could see the following in the dump created by the job which kind of seem alerting to me. Installation default             DYNDUMP(*USERID,NODYNAMIC,TDUMP)  Could it be the reason that my installations defaults are such that  I can not use dynamic calling? Our system I know supports static calling. So was just curious if this could be an issue that dynamic calling is ———————————- //PGMCOMP  EXEC PGM=IGYCRCTL,                    //             PARM=(‘LIB,RENT,DATA(31),OFFSET’, 2.COBOL Program “DYNA1” calling program “DYNA2” ————————————————————————- 01 PGM-NAME PIC X(5) VALUE SPACES.       DISPLAY ‘DYNAMIC CALLING’            DISPLAY ‘IN PROGRAM DYNA1’           DISPLAY ‘CALLING PROGRAM DYNA2’  3.COBOL Program “DYNA2” called by program “DYNA1” —————————————————————————     DISPLAY ‘DYNAMIC CALLING’            DISPLAY ‘IN PROGRAM DYNA2’       4.Link member (LDYNA1) for Program DYNA1 ————————————————————– 5.Link member (LDYNA2) for Program DYNA2 ————————————————————– “; ; ; ;