WIN32 Sality Virus remover

WIN32 Sality Virus remover. Recenlty my machine got infected with WIN32 sality virus. I had avast antivirus installed on my machine and I guess I had disabled it and was using internet, my mistake. This virus crept into my machine and did so much that I can’t even imagine. It slowed down my machine. Apart from this it did the following damage also. 1. Antivirus and other security applications failed to run. 2. Task Manager on my machine was disabled. This is the place I look for any unknown processes. But the virus smartly disable my access 3. I was unable to start windows in safe mode. I think it corrupted the MBR and thus when I tried to run my machine in safe mode, it  kept on restarting the windows. 4. This virus can even steal sensitive information like passwords etch stored in cache etc.  5. It even logs keystrokes. I was able to get rid of the virus by using the sality remover utility. Click here to get the utility Please use the utility at your own risk.