Mainframe saves various details against a member or physical sequential file like version, user, create date etc. These details can however be changed by the following methods

1. Using the Rexx code

/* rexx */                                               dsname      = “USERID.ABC.XYZ” /* Work PDS    */                              usrid            = “USER1”    /* User id to be updated in the stats */               mbrname   = “MYMEM”      /* PDS member to update   */                                   Address ispexec                                            “LMINIT   DATAID(LMD1) DATASET(‘”dsname”‘)”                 “LMMSTATS DATAID(“lmd1”) MEMBER(“mbrname”) USER(“usrid”)”    

  “LMFREE   DATAID(“lmd1″)”                              

2. By putting “G” against the member for physical sequential file, a dialog box opens up and there you can edit the stats for the member/ps.