Rexx to Save in View Mode

REXX TO SAVE A MEMBER OF PDS IN VIEW MODE The following REXX code can be used to save a member in VIEW mode. Although you can save a member using ISPF commands while viewing the datasets also (refer Saving in View Mode) ; ; ; ;

“ISPEXEC CONTROL ERRORS RETURN”                     “ISREDIT (PDSNAME) = DATASET”                     “ISREDIT (MEMNAME) = MEMBER”                        VPDS = “‘”PDSNAME”(“MEMNAME”)'”                     Y = LISTDSI(“‘”PDSNAME”‘”)                           “ISREDIT REPL .ZF .ZL ” MEMNAME                   ZEDLMSG =  MEMNAME ‘SAVED!’                       ZEDLMSG =  MEMNAME ‘ NOT SAVED!’                  “ISPEXEC SETMSG MSG(ISRZ001)”