What is COBOL

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What is COBOL


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What is COBOL

COBOL stands for COMMON BUSINESS ORIENTED LANGUAGE. It is one of the oldest programming language and still widely used in the field of finance industry, retail industry and other government organization. COBOL was developed in the year 1960 bythe CODASYL Committee (Conference on Data Systems Languages).

The following ANSI standard for COBOL have been published and there

·        COBOL-68 (Developed in 1968)

·        COBOL-74  (Developed in 1974)

·        COBOL085 (Developed in 1985)

·        COBOL 2002  (Object-oriented COBOL)

COBOL has been a prominent programming language for over decades and has given good competition to other new languages. There are numerous articles on internet by various gurus explaining how important COBOL is for running business all over the world.

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