To update card dynamically

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To update card dynamically

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Hi, Following is my current flow: 1. A map is send to user. 2. The user enters the details: a. DSN name, b. Option to select the name of client. c. Option to perform activity on DSN name. 3. An program is invoked to check if all the data enters is correct or not. 4. If all if fine, an JCL is submitted to create the Trailer record for the corresponding file. 5. When the program step runs fine and SMTPBTCH proc is invoked to update the user. An email attachment is also sent. the attachment has the records and the trailer record. My query: Once the PROGRAM step runs fine, an email needs to be sent. The email content should also have the file name. There are 16 clients and user may provide any DSN name. Is there any facility where I can update my JOB card where an DSN name is updated everytime. following may be the content of card: THE INPUT FILE PROVIDED IS PROCESSED SUCCESFFULY. KINDLY CHECK YOUR INPUT FILE FOR THE UPDATED Trailer RECORD DETAILS. DSN Name: (************************************). This Space is entered once the Program step runs fine? Regards,

Krunal bafna


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