Some amazing facts about mainframe

Some amazing facts about mainframe 1. The mainframes hold approximately ” 70 % ” of the entire data stored in this planet 2. The latest ones can support over 25,000 users 3. They can support devices spread over 26 miles using fibre optics 4. The size of the “basic” OS is about 14 GB 5. This OS comes in about 57 magnetic tapes, But latest with 4 tapes 6. It takes ATLEAST a month to install and customize a basic mainframe OS configuration 7. It takes around 3 full days for a mainframe to get up and running 8. Basic configuration for development environment costs 8 crores (hardware + Software) 9. A full team of qualified system operators are always required to be on stand by to ensure successful operation 10. Earlier mainframes were provided with cooling pipes through which cold water was passed to cool the system – TCS have one in Chennai facility 11. Recent mainframes have variable speed fans in the cabinet to keep it cool 12. Have u ever heard of a mainframe system being hacked??? Mainframes are one of the most secure data installations ever 13. You cannot buy the mainframe OS, but u’ll have to pay a license touse it.¬† The cost?? cool …..1.5 crores a year. 14. Finally, mainframes today r the most preferred data servers for even the most hi-fi of the organizations! 15. So far no virus has been attaked Mainframes¬† 16. Most of the peoples working on Mainframe had never seen the “; ; ; ;