Retrieving Job from SAR

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Retrieving Job from SAR

I have a job in production which abended last week, now I wish to see this job, but this job is in SAR, and when I try to view this file it says the JCL is not mounted. Could you please let me know how to view this file... I am a fresher in this technology. Hoping for a quick response!!

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Recall Job in SAR

type L in the line command  and PF3 twice you will see a job statementt.Press ENTER and the job will be submitted for few will take some time to recall.You can see Temp(earlier it will be Tape) againist .Loc .YOU CAN NOW BROWSE THE JOB.


Sel   SYSOUT ID  JOBNAME                          .Loc 


 L     JIBS0100   JIBS0100                               Tape

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