No Delete step in JCL contains UCC 11

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No Delete step in JCL contains UCC 11

There is a strange problem I noticed in a JCL that is running in production. There are few datasets that are created in the job but there is no delete step coded in the JCL.
When the Job is rerun it does not give any error indicating that the dataset already exists for those that are cataloged in the jcl.
I really do not understand this. But I notice that there is some UCC step at the start of the job.

Anonymous (not verified)
UCC11 utility takes care of this

As you noticed UCC11 utility is used in your job and it takes care of deleting any datasets that
are already created and the jcl does not give file exist error

The following statement is coded just after the job statement


All the datasets with DISP=(NEW,CATLG,DELETE) will be deleted automatically if they already exist and the jcl will not give any issues

Hope this answers your queries.

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