Mainframewizard App for your NOKIA phone

Mainframewizard is excited to present to you the NOKIA applications for your smart phones. 

Keeping in mind the need of hour where everybody is in a rush and is really difficult to keep updated without the power of technology, we have come up with two applications for your smart phones which will keep you updated about the latest and the greatest discussions on the our forums and

the other one would keep you updated of the latest video tutorials offered by mainframewizard.

For a preview of how the application would look like, I have taken few screen prints of my own Nokia N97.

Please take a look and download these apps from  

1) DOWNLOAD Mainframewizard forums for your Nokia phone


2) DOWNLOAD Mainframewizard videos for your Nokia phone.

>> Preview of mainframewizard forum Nokia app

>> Preview of mainframewizard videos Nokia app

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