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IT roles


Roles and responsibilities in any field are the essential attributes of the work that you are going to engage. As with other fields, same is the case with IT industry, before you start exploring career options with information technology you should get an insight of the IT roles and responsibilities. IT roles overview will give you an idea, how you would start in the information technology field and how you progress forward with your career.

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There are various job clusters that make up the IT industry and the roles in these IT job clusters are also classified based on these job sectors.

1) IT roles in programming

2) IT roles in Project Management

3) IT roles in Network management

4) IT roles in Technical writing

5) IT roles in database administration

6) IT roles in Hardware management

7) IT roles in web development

8) IT roles in technical support

Disclaimer:- These are the roles and responsibilities to the best of my knowledge, please review the list and add any further information required.

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