IT Positions

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IT Positions

IT Positions

IT sector has seen a tremendous growth in the past few decades all around the world. Information Technology is key department in every sector, be it financial industry, health care, retail, government sector and so on.

The industry has matured over the years and it becomes important for an individual to understand the IT positions to see his growth in the industry. Its human to keep progressing from the current level to the next level and thus in the process attain the roles and responsibilities of the work assigned to him/her.

When you start a career in the IT industry you need to be aware of the IT positions offered and how these will carry your career forward. Although the IT companies across the world follow their own nomenclature of this hierarchy but majorly all the IT companies have a certain IT positions and these can be easily compared with other IT companies.

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IT positions also vary with the sub sectors of IT. A programming IT position is different from an IT position in the IT management sector and so on.

Following are the typical sub sectors within IT industry.

IT programming

IT management

IT networking

IT database management

IT hardware management

IT technical writing

IT web development

IT support

The article on IT roles in these IT sectors will give you an insight about the IT positions offered in these sub sectors.

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