Consolidated Report on Production Cycle:

Consolidated Report on Production Cycle.

Almost all projects which run on mainframe have a requirement by the client to gather necessary details after the batch cycle is over. These vital statistics are used by the client to measure the performance of the project as well as to take measures to avoid any delays in Online system.

I think if we can target the following three systems then we would be in a good position to gather most of the details of the cycle.

1. SAR – Sysout Archival and Retrieval System – This is a facility to archive and retrieve the output of mainframe Jobs in the cycle.

2. SDSF- System Display and Search Facility – This is a facility to monitor and control mainframe Jobs in the cycle.

3. NDM – Network Data Mover – This is a file transfer product used on mainframes to transfer files between mainframe and computers.

The solution offered here is a 3 part solution, addressing each of the above section.

Tool to gather abend details of mainframe jobs from SAR

Tool to gather time stats of a mainframe Job (eg start time etc) from SAR

Tool to gather data from NDM.

Tool to gather data from mainframe Jobs in SDSF.

All the 3 combined will yield you the consolidated batch cycle report.

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