How to view packed data without file manager or file aid

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How to view packed data without file manager or file aid

I have a flat file which has packed data (COMP-3 data) in it. I dont have access to file aid or file manager, how can I view the packed data. In the normal view I see junk characters where COMP-3 data is there. Please help.
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comp-3 data can be viewed in hex display

Packed data is in COMP-3 storage format and is seen as junk data when seen in ISPF editor in normal view. To see the correct
values for packed data you will need to view the file in hex format, which can be done using command line command "HEX ON".

The Hex view will show the Hex values for each byte below the normal display characters. Each byte of the packed field, other than the last one, will each contain two digits.

The last byte of the packed field will contain the last digit and the sign. The sign values are

"C" when positive,
"D" when negative, or
"F" if the field is unsigned.

For example, a signed 3 byte packed field, defined as S9(5) COMP-3, with a value of +98765 would be diplayed as shown below


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how can i view packed data
Edit or View/browse the file in ISPF. Then enter HEX ON in the command line. The records will be shown in hex and packed-decimal is fairly easy to read (there will be an odd number of digits and a sign in the low order nibble of each packed-decimal value.
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