How to download textpad

Textpad Editor

Textpad is a very powerful editor for windows operating system. The tool has been developed by “Helios Software Solution”. The tool offers a plenty of features generally not available in the commonly used notepad. Some of the cool features of textpad are macro record and play, block select, regular expression search, syntax highlighting for various programming languages. You can use textpad to search content in various files in a folder and is a very handy feature when you want to generate such report. For list of all the features available you may like to visit

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How to download textpad

Textpad is available as an evaluation version on the textpad’s official website ( The trial version of textpad is free, if you like the product then you can order the licence, for details regarding pricing you may like to visit (

Platforms supported by Textpad

It can be easily installed on windows xp, windows 2000 and windows 7. Textpad supports works well with both the windows 32 and 64 bit operating system.

You would be wondering why this topic on textpad is covered on a mainframe website. My personal experience is that textpad makes your life easier as far as the formatting of text is concerned. I have used it extensively in past and it is a wonder

I would say textpad is a must have for programmers for doing a lot of formatting tasks they have to do in their day to day work.

A small tutorial on recording and playing textpad macros is available on this website.

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