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Display Hex codes


I am working on the manipulation on some Hex codes.
I have the following cobol code as example
01 ws-comp pic s9(4) comp value +0108.
01 ws-char redefines ws-comp.
   05 filler pic x.
   05 ws-hex pic x.
display ws-hex
Now the sysout will display char "%" and when viewed in hex mode
it will display the actual hex code. which is "6C"
How to display the hex codes directly without viewing in hex mode?
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how to display hex codes
[quote]How to display the hex codes directly without viewing in hex mode?[/quote]Many of the possible 256 values for 1 byte are not "displayable". To "see" them you must get to the hex. . . If you more clearly explain what you are trying to accomplish, someone may be able to provide a more useful reply.
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Hex display

I wondered how to do this...finally wrote an assembler routine to do it.

If you want, I can re-write it and send it to you.  This is a shameless plug for Hercules. :-)


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