CALLING a REXX FROM CLIST and also passing value to rexx

You might be wondering why would you need such a thing. But I can bet its useful when you have a ready to use code in REXX and you want to use in your CLIST application and you dont want to rewrite it all in CLIST.  I have used it a couple of time myself and its really useful.


1.    passing one value ‘mainframe’EX ‘USERID.ABC.CLIST(rexxcodename)’ ‘mainframe’2.    passing two values ‘mainframe wizard’

EX ‘USERID.ABC.CLIST(rexxcodename)’ ‘mainframe wizard’


1.    Receiving one value/* REXX */        arg parm1         say ‘i m in rexx’say parm1         2.    Recieving two values/* REXX */        arg parm1 parm2         say ‘i m in rexx’say parm1    

say parm2