What is mainframe express

What is Mainframe Express?

Mainframe Express is a GUI environment provided by Micro Focus for developing and maintaining applications based on COBOL applications. As with any language on the windows platform the tool comes with a IDE for editing COBOL, JCL source. There is a compiler for COBOL as well as JCL available on mainframe express. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provided by mainframe express is quite interactive with dropdown menus, popup, multiple windows etc.

Mainframe express is in all a great tool providing a lot of features like

  • Excellent debugging engine for interactive debugging ( much friendlier than the mainframes xpeditor etc)
  • Mapping files with layouts (analogous to file-aid or file manager on mainframe).
  • Nice clean compiler for COBOL and JCL

A lot many companies working on applications based on COBOL use mainframe express for testing the application. This saves them a lot of cost as compared to the testing on the big iron machine i.e. mainframe .

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