Ten Steps to Setup Hercules Turnkey Mainframe emulator


The following ten step approach will explain you the process of setting up your own mainframe emulator on your local machine. Hercules mainframe is an open source emulation of mainframe and can come handy for practicing mainframe applications. Since IBM mainframe applications are licensed products of IBM, so these would not work on this Hercules mainframe simulator.
Step 1: 
How to obtain Turnkey Setup?
Download the Turnkey Setup file from the following location
Step 2:
Next What?
Unzip the file turnkey-mvs-3.zip to obtain the iso image file (turnkey-mvs-3.zip)
Step 3:
How to Extract contents from ISO image?
Either write the image file to a CD or Convert the ISO image file to obtain the contents using the soft wares, for converting ISO image. There are plenty of them for free at download.com
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Step 4:
How to install "TurnKey" using the contents just recovered from ISO image in Step 3?
Start --> Run --> CMD
Point to the path where you have extracted the contents of ISO image.
Issue the following command from the path where the contents of iso image are 
 setup -as
Step 5:
How to Start MVS?
Start --> Run --> CMD
Locate startmvs file in C:\Program Files\mvs38j and issue the foll command
Step 6:
How to initiate sessions on MVS started?
Start --> Run --> CMD
Telnet yourip 3270
connect to at least 3 sessions on any mainframe emulator (like Quick3270) (using your ip and port 3270)
Step 7:
How to IPL the MVS just started?
Refer the steps provided at the following location
Step 8:
How to logon?
Refer the steps present at the following location
Step 9:
How to Shutdown MVS?
Refer the steps present at the following location
Step 10:
How to Exit MVS?
Issue command Quit at the command window where startmvs was issued.
References- http://www.bsp-gmbh.com/turnkey/



I am unable to proceed step3 onwards.

Could amyone please help.



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