SUPERCE in Batch To Compare Datasets

USING SUPERCE TO COMPARE TWO DATASETS (IN BATCH) The following JCL can be used to compare two datasets using the SUPERCE batch utility.

//SUPERCE  JOB (XXXXXXXX,,,,,XXXX),’               ‘,           //SUPERC  EXEC PGM=ISRSUPC,                                     //NEWDD  DD DSN=USERID.ABC.FILE1,                               //OLDDD  DD DSN=USERID.ABC.FILE2,                               //OUTDD  DD DSN=USERID.ABC.OUTFIL,DISP=(NEW,CATLG,CATLG)

Please refer the following snapshots for generating the JCL to use SUPERCE utility in batch At start Give 3.13 to goto SUPERCE Utility Provide the files to compare in the following screen against “New Ds Name” and “Old Ds Name” and give 2 against “Execution Mode” to select Batch as shown  To change the range of columns to compare provide “1” against Options menu to select “Edit Statements” as shown You can change the comparison columns by providing the range In the Next Screen provide the details for  “Job Control Statements” as shown in figure below The next screen shows the Batch Job generated by SUPERCE utility