S0C7 on Moving alphanumeric data to COMP-3

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S0C7 on Moving alphanumeric data to COMP-3


I get confused, when a question about COMP-3 and its relation
with S0C7 comes up.
I have heard lot of people saying moving alphanumeric data to COMP-3 would 
cause S0C7.
Can someone let me know if its true or not?
I tried the sample code and it worked fine for me without any S0C7 abend
01 WS-COMP3 PIC 9(6)V99  COMP-3.
So is it correct to say that move of alphanumeric value to COMP-3 variable 
does not cause S0C7 abend, and if so , what would cause S0C7
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just moving 'xxxxx' to comp-3 will not affect anything , now try 2 things 1. try this to display value xxxx in comp-3. so how it will look you will not  get xxxx but some thing else. 2. now use this value in compute statement and check it 3. also using this value in date and time  and try to display it  check what will happen , if above 3 is used in your code and useful  the question is answered

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