Real life example of -805 sql code

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Real life example of -805 sql code



Can anyone tell me how would I get a -805 sql code, I read the description as the DBRM or package not found in PLAN?

I have encountered sql code -818 which is due to timestamp inconsistency but have never personally faced sql code of -805.

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real life example of -805 example

when we are compiling a cobol+db2  program through the jcl we did'nt get those errors.

because all the compile, link-edit, binding are in a single jcl.

But when we go to real time we have to add our cobol+DB2 to endeavor test region.

(here endeavor will compile and run the prog)

This will compile and link-edit our cobol+db2 prog and executes upto dbrm ( you will see in pre compilation process

here we have to bind the package after the program is added to endeavor.

in real time people add the cobol db2 program to the eadeavor  and they do not bind the package

then they will get the errors( -805 or _818)

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