Need FTP delete card to delete the files from shared folder

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Need FTP delete card to delete the files from shared folder

Hi All,

Please help me to work on below requirements.


  • Create  FTP control cards to delete the 30 days older  files
  • FTP steps to delete the older files

These files need to delete from shared folder. please help me..

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delete "older" files

Are these files remote or local to where the process is to be run?

Why does someone believe this should be done via ftp? A more supportable process might be to schedule a job on the "server(s)" to delete files that are older than a specified date.

Hi DikDude

Can you please guide me how to delete 7 days older files placed in folder...say My documents using JCL? Appreciate if you could provide a sample JCL..
We are using a approavh to write down a .BAT file and run it manually, but our system required automation of it. Is there any way to run .BAt file from JCL?

Joined: 12/26/2011 - 06:34
You will need to create a

You will need to create a process to identify the old files (on the server).

Once you have th3e list, simply delete them on the server.

Suggest you work with your server support people.

JCL would not be used at all.

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