LRECL limit of SPUFI output dataset

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LRECL limit of SPUFI output dataset






I have a SPUFI that retrieves data from a table, which has lot of columns.
There are so many columns in the table that the select * from table gives the
result which spills beyond the 133 record length. 
Is there a limit on the record length(LRECL) of the output dataset or is there any 
workaround to get past this?


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RE:LRECL limit of SPUFI output dataset


Change the defaults 
Go to SPUFI (option 1)  --> Change Defaults (Option 5, provide yes) 
here you will find the output data set characteristics:
6  RECORD LENGTH ... ===> 800   
7  BLOCK SIZE ...... ===> 804   
8  RECORD FORMAT ... ===> VB    
You can change these to whatever you wish to use for output dataset.
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