How to send sms from mainframe

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How to send sms from mainframe


As with the case with most of the US clients the production cycle starts very early in the morning for India folks and a monitoring group is needed to monitor the cycle constantly.
There are instances when due to some issues there is abend in the cycle and the monitoring person is unable to report the issue at the correct time to the support group which causes delays in resolution of the issue.
If we can have some way of sending SMS from mainframe at the time a job abends then the support group can be intimated in a more timely and effective manner.
Can some one who has used this featur throw some light on this issue?
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SMS from Mainframe.
I know this can be done, but not sure of the exact mechanics. it involves using SMTP which your site must be running as a service on the mainframe.
Hi, I am also searching this


I am also searching this same concept to implement. So please let me know if you have any idea regarding this SMTP. as I am from administration background I can make change in parmlib members also so give my the correct way to do it.




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