Execute REXX CLIST at logon

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Execute REXX CLIST at logon


I have been looking for this solution for a long time now.
I have a REXX/CLIST macro which I need to run at the time the
user logs on to the mainframe, Can any one help me figure this out?
If given screen shots, it will be better
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Execute REXX/Clist at startup,
The ability to do this is dependent on system configuration of the start up task that is initiated when you log on. Many companies do not allow you to execute your own script at start up, which means that you have to do it your self manually. Some companies do allow you do do this using system specific start up options. You will need to speak to your own system administrators in order to achieve the desired results or understand the correct process. You may be able to figure it out yourself if you have the correct level of access to view the job that is your log on session and viewing the ISPFSTART procedure that you institution uses. So the answer is Nobody from outside your institution will be able to answer this question.
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