EJECT command in COBOL

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EJECT command in COBOL





EJECT command in COBOL


In my shop, I see "EJECT" command used in many places in the COBOL program, but this does not seem to be an executable command.

What is the purpose of using EJECT command in COBOL?



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Refer COBOL manual



Eject statement is used for printing purpose of COBOL source code. It works as a page skip command for printing.


Refer the link:- 


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Eject and skip verbs.
Eject and skip verbs in COBOL only have a purpose when creating hard copies of the program compile listings. Since most of us Cobol programmers are considerate of the removal of the rain forests to create paper we no longer create hard copis of the program compile listings. I personaly regard these statements as clutter and remove them as soon as i edit a COBOL program. i have facilitated this action by creating an edit macro to remove them as soon as i edit a program.
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