Dynamically called program stays in memory

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Dynamically called program stays in memory


Would dynamically called program stay in memory?
I have a doubt if the dynamically called program would stay in main
memory after the control returns to calling program or not.
Lets say a Program A calls program B and after the call the control is 
back in pgm A, would the program B stay in the main memory or will
it vanish itself.
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Dynamically loaded programs.

I speak under correction, but in all probability a dynamically called program will remain in memory even after return to the calling program until the operating system decides that it needs the memory that the program is taking up.

You can cause the program to be removed earlier by issuing a cancel command in the calling program, but the OS might still not unload the program unless it is short on memory, or until the unit of work is complete.

if you are asking this question because you are calling the program many times and not getting the working storage in it's initial state, then you need to add a "program is initial" statement somehow int the identification division or environment division, i can't recall exactly where, do some research to find out!.

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