Difference between Library and PDS

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Difference between Library and PDS


I noticed that while allocating a dataset using 3.2 option we have different "Data set name type" which we can specify. 
The allowable values I can see are the following 
  EXTREQ, EXTPREF or blank)       
I would give "PDS" for defining a PDS in my region. I have not used other values
apart from PDS and BLANK.
Can someone tell me what are the meaning of all the values for data name type mentioned
It would be great if someone can list out the difference between library and PDS. To me they look similar.
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PDS and PDSE/Library are different in that a PDS can contain a limited amount of members dependent on the directory block size. This means that PDS's require compression every so often to free up unused members and the directory blocks they are taking up.

A PDSE/library Does not have this limitation or problem and does not require periodic compression.

For this reason I only define Libraries/PDSE's. I also take the opportunity when available to redefine PDS's as Libraries/PDSE's.

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