Difference between copy pending and check pending

Difference between copy pending and check pending

Can someone please throw some light on the differences between
copy pending and checkpending?

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what is check pending status?

When a table is LOADed with ENFORCE NO option, then the table is set to CHECK PENDING status. This means that the LOAD utility did not perform constraint checking.

The check pending status will be set when Referential Intergrity voilation occurs between data in parent table with child table. 

How to resolve Check pending?

1)To remove the CHECK PENDING status, you can Use REPAIR utility



2) You can execute the following query (This command will restart the tablespace and reset all the pending states on the tablespace and the table will be back in RW

(read write mode).

-START DATABASE(dbname) SPACE(tablespace-name) ACESS(FORCE) . 

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