Date and timestamp in load object

AMBLIST to generate stats about a object load The following JCL can be used to find date when a load was created.  If the input member is the object load of a module the date when the load was generated would be listed. If the input is a composite link then the details of all the load objects referenced by the link


For more information on this IBM’s utility AMBLIST, please visit  The other method of finding the date when a load was created is by looking at the laod member in the load library. For this open the load member in ISPF browser. 1. switch to HEX mode by providing “HEX ON” on command line. 3. Now look at the next record. 4. The date starts at the 16th and ends at 18th position in the next record in Julian format

—-+—-1—-+—-2—-+—  ————————— س…………………….. 8F00000000000000000000000000 0A10000000000000000000000000  —————————

Date in above example is 10288 that is 288th day of year 2010 (15th oct 2010)