Convert Packed format to viewable format using file-aid

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Convert Packed format to viewable format using file-aid

I have a file which has packed data in it, need to send the data to client in viewable format.

I could figure out a way of doing this but wanted to explore other options as well.


I did the following.

File Aid--> Option 5 (Print) --> Option 1 (Data file) -->

Provide the following inputs (highlighted)


Specify Print Information:
  Print format    ===> V                   (F = Fmt;V = Vfmt;C = Char;H = Hex)
  Show            ===> FORMAT              (Format; Number; Offset; or Picture)

Specify Print Dataset or HFS Path Information:
  Dataset or path ===> 'INPUT.FILE.PACKED.FIELDS'
  Member name     ===>                     (Blank or pattern for member list)
  Volume serial   ===>

Specify Record Layout and XREF Information:
  Record layout usage      ===> S          (S = Single; X = XREF; N = None)
  Record layout dataset    ===> 'LAYOUT.LIBRARY'
  Member name              ===> LAYOUT    (Blank or pattern for member list)
  XREF dataset name        ===>
  Member name              ===>            (Blank or pattern for member list)

Specify Selection Criteria Information:    (E = Existing; T = Temporary;
  Selection criteria usage ===> N           M = Modify; Q = Quick; N = None)
  Selection dataset name   ===>
  Member name              ===>            (Blank or pattern for member list)



Press Enter to get the following screen and provide the following inputs


File-AID ---------------- VPRINT - JCL Specification --------------------------

Output Format           ===> F         (P = Print; F = File)
Records to print        ===> ALL       (Number to print; ALL)

PRINT - Output Format Options:
  Page Order            ===> 1     (1 = Across then down; 2 = Down then across)
  Even page per set     ===> N     (Y = Yes; N = No)
FILE - Output Format Options:
  Dataset name          ===> 'OUTPUT.FILE'
  Disposition           ===> NEW   (NEW; SHR; MOD; OLD)
  Headers               ===> Y     (Y = Yes; N = No)

Specify Batch JCL Information:
  Sysout class          ===> *

JOB Statement Information:
  ===> //JOBCARD


Press enter and then submit the batch job.


The output will be received in file OUTPUT.FILE

You can FTP the file and import in excel and share.

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