PERFORM WITH TEST AFTER UNTIL The following COBOL program depicts the use of  PERFORM WITH TEST AFTER UNTIL        01 WS-SUB   PIC 9 VALUE ZEROS.              PERFORM 20000-FIRST-PARA WITH TEST AFTER UNTIL WS-SUB=5              DISPLAY ‘PARA NAME IS  10000-FIRST-PARA’              DISPLAY ‘VALUE OF WS-SUB IS = ‘ WS-SUB. The ouput of the above COBOL program is  PARA NAME IS  10000-FIRST-PARA                                                                                            Note:- Here since WS-SUB is a single byte (defined as PIC 9) so once the value  is reached to 10 it could store only the zero in it (since numeric moves are right  justfied before decimal). Thus the value is again incremented from zero and thus ends the Imagine what would happen in the above case if WS-SUB is defined as PIC 99 ?? Would it loop forever? …Try it yourself