CLIST to Allocate Libraries

The following CLIST can be used  to Allocate clist library to Sysproc, panel library to ISPPLIB, message library to ISPMLIB and skel library to ISPSLIB using the ALTLIB command.

ALTLIB ACTIVATE APPLICATION (CLIST) +                                 DATASET(‘USERID.CLIST’) UNCOND                   SET &ALTLIBRC = &LASTCC                                        IF  &ALTLIBRC NE 0 THEN +                                         WRITE &SYSICMD: ALTLIB(ACTIVATE) RC = &ALTLIBRC;            ELSE DO                                                           ISPEXEC LIBDEF ISPMLIB DATASET ID(‘USERID.MESSAGES’)   ISPEXEC LIBDEF ISPPLIB DATASET ID(‘USERID.PANELS’)      ISPEXEC LIBDEF ISPSLIB DATASET ID(‘USERID.SKELS’)    


You can refer the following article to know the methods of executing a CLIST in your mainframe environment

How to Execute CLIST