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-CAUTION- Profile changed to NUMBER ON STD (from NUMBER OFF)

I have encountered a strange issues in PS files. The file is LRECL 8 and has the following data in it 12345678 But when I save it and reopen it, the number col has 345678 and i get a caution that the profile was changed to NUMBER ON STD  

****** ***************************** Top of Data ******************* ==MSG> -CAUTION- Profile changed to NUMBER ON STD (from NUMBER OFF). ==MSG>           Data has valid standard numbers. ==MSG> -Warning- The UNDO command is not available until you change ==MSG>           your edit profile using the command RECOVERY ON.

345678 12345678

  This error comes only when we have numerical data i.e 12345678 but it does not come if the data is say A2345678 The error also disappears if I change increase the LRECL by one i.e. make it 9 instead of 8 Also this error will not come if there are two rows in the input file

for e.g

12345678 12345678 I am really perplexed and do not understand this behaviour. I want to understand what

is the logic behind this behaviour.

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