Basic ISPF commands

Basic ISPF commands

ISREDIT commands can be classified into “line commands” and “command line commands”.  Figure 1 shows the line command area.

Figure 2 shows the command line commands area

The following presentation walks you through the basic ISPF editor line commands and command line commands.

Demo on ISPF line commands

Demo on ISPF command line commands

Basic Line Commands

I  – Insert a new line

A – Execute the current command after the current line

B – Execute the current command before the current line

C – Copy the current line

M – Move the current line

R – Repeats the current line

D – Deletes the current line

X – Excludes the current line from display

L – Shows the last excluded line

( – Shift column to left

) – Shift column to right

LC- Changes line to lowercase

UC – Changes line to upper case

COLS – Shows column numbers

Executing commands n number of times ( C, M, R, D can be used)

Cn (where n=1,2 etc) – Copies n number of lines

Executing commands in block (C, M, R, D can be used)

MM – Move the block marked between two MM

Command line commands

Find “string”  – Find a string

CHANGE str1 str2 – Changes a string from one value to another

CUT – Cuts the lines to clipboard

CUT abc – Cuts the lines to clipboard name abc, you can specify your own clipboard

PASTE – Paste the line at destination

LOCATE linenum – Locate a line number

HEX ON/OFF – Toggles Hexadecimal display