Attributes of a Tape dataset

Attributes of a Tape dataset Is it possible to find the attributes of a tape datasets like RECFM, LRECL etc without copying it on disk? Whenever I have to look at the various attributes of a tape datasets, I first copy it to disk and then look at the attributes If someone could tell me a command like LISTCAT or something which would work for tape datasets directly, I will be highly obliged “; ; ; ; #2 Attributes of Tape dataset


Use the command ‘TI’ (Tape Information). Many of the mainframe operating systems have that command enable to get the tape dataset attributes.



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Very usful information. it helped me thank you so much…TI command worked

#4 Attributes of a Tape dataset

Most mainframe systems have a Tape Management System installed.

Suggest you talk with your tape storage management people and learn what reporting tool is available to retrieve this information. Most of these systems also have online inquiry capability (if you have the proper security permissions). 

#5 Viewing the attributes of Tape file


You can use “MYTMS”  before the file name in the ISPF 3.4 panel to view the attributes of the Tape file


Sumit Jain

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