Difference in number of days using DB2 days function

Difference in number of day using DB2 days function DAYS – This returns the number of days starting from date ‘0001-01-01’.  SELECT DAYS(‘2010-10-31’) FROM SYSIBM.SYSDUMMY1 This will query will return 734076. If you wish to calculate difference in number of days between two dates then the following query can be used SELECT DAYS(‘2010-10-31’)-DAYS(‘1990-10-01’) FROM SYSIBM.SYSDUMMY1 This […]

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Example of EDITED PICTURE CLAUSE PROGRAM IDENTIFICATION DIVISION.                                         PROGRAM-ID. PGM008.                                              AUTHOR. MAINFRAMEWIZARD.                                         DATA DIVISION.                                                   WORKING-STORAGE SECTION.                                         01 NUM1  PIC Z999.                                               01 NUM2  PIC **99.                                               01 NUM3  PIC $999.                                               01 NUM4  PIC -999.                                               01 NUM5  PIC +999.                                               01 NUM6  PIC 99CR.                                               01 NUM7  PIC 99DB.                                               01 NUM8  PIC 9.99.                                               01 NUM9  PIC 99,9.                                               01 NUM10 PIC


COBOL Subtract Verb Example

Example of SUBTRACT PROGRAM IDENTIFICATION DIVISION.                                          PROGRAM-ID. PGM005.                                               AUTHOR. MAINFRAMEWIZARD.                                         DATA DIVISION.                                                   WORKING-STORAGE SECTION.                                          01 NUM1  PIC 9(3) VALUE 05.                                       01 NUM2  PIC 9(3) VALUE 10.                                       01 NUM3  PIC 9(3) VALUE 15.                                       01 NUM4  PIC 9(3) VALUE 20.                                       01 NUM5  PIC 9(3) VALUE 55.                                       01 NUM6  PIC

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JCL interview questions

As with any technology when you go for an interview you want to get prepared for the standard interview questions and some of those tricky ones that the interviewer may get you into trouble. JCL is an important part of any mainframe interview and so the website is proud to come up with the section

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