Why RRDS VSAM does not support alternate index

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Why RRDS VSAM does not support alternate index

While going through material on VSAM, I read that RRDS vsam files do not support alternate index while KSDS and ESDS do so? Can someone throw some light what could be the reason for this? I am struggling to understand why alternate index is supported for KSDS and ESDS but is not for RRDS. Is there any specific technical reason why alternate index support is not provided or its just the way IBM designed it?
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no alternate index on rrds vsam file
There has been no reason to provide for alternate index on an rrds file. By definition, these records are intended to be processed by relative record. The biggest reason is probably because that is the way it was designed and so far, the developers have not been convinced the change is needed. . .
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