What is AMODE and RMODE

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What is AMODE and RMODE

What is AMODE and RMODE and what is their significance?
I know AMODE stands for addressing mode and RMODE stands for residency mode, but what exactly
these signify for a COBOL program?

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These are compile/link edit options. AMODE - Addressing mode. RMODE - Residency mode. AMODE(24) - 24 bit addressing. AMODE(31) - 31 bit addressing. AMODE(ANY) - Either 24 bit or 31 bit addressing depending on RMODE. RMODE(24) - Resides in virtual storage below 16 Meg line. Use this for 31 bit programs that call 24 bit programs. (OS/VS Cobol pgms use 24 bit addresses only). RMODE(ANY) - Can reside above or below 16 Meg line.

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