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The mainframewizard team is committed to bring high quality articles and tutorials for mainframe users across the world. The response received from the users is phenomenal and we take the opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to all its users. 

I believe that in this fast changing world, knowledge sharing is one attribute which can keep you in pace with the rest of the world. I can’t keep myself from telling this small story whenever there is a talk about knowledge sharing. Once in a small town there were two kids they each had one coin, they decided to exchange the coins, at the end of this exchange, they again had one coin each. Now they decided to exchange a piece of thought with each other, at the end of this exchange they both had two thoughts with them. To cut it short we all believe sharing is one thing that we must promote.

You can also be part of this sharing by exchanging a piece of thought with others and I for sure believe that you will end up gaining more knowledge than what you have.

You can submit your articles or any of your tutorials that you think would be beneficial to other users and get them published on this website with a proper mention of your name/photo.

So Join hands in this sharing drive and Here is what you would need to do for this

You can write to us at   with your write up including the following details

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The articles will get published after review from the admin team. You can contribute articles, information anything and everything that you own rights to publish and think that other mainframe professionals will benefit from it. 


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