Personal Job Scheduler


Personal Job Scheduler

This is my personal favorite. You would have heard of a personal Job scheduler provided on mainframes.  I think not all mainframe installations have these personal Job schedulers( PJS). Similar was the case with me, when I wanted to schedule a job to run on a particular time, but ALAS!! I did not have this "PJS" installed on my mainframe.

After struggling for few days and surfing various Websites, going through various books, I could find a way out by which I was able to setup my own personal job scheduler.

The following tutorial explains the step by step process for creating the personal job scheduler.

This works on the concept of submitting a Job using FTP.

The tools that we will need and use for this amazing automation wonder are

1. Ability to submit a Job using FTP

2. DOS scripting

3. Windows scheduler

Lets say we want to schedule the following job (MYJOB) to run on a particular time on each day.



Step 1:  Open a notepad and write the following script that you will need to submit the job to mainframe



mainframeuserid - User id on mainframes

mainframepassword- Password of the User id on mainframe

Save the above script into a file and save it as SCRIPT1.SCR


Step 2:  Open a notepad, write the following command in it and save the file as MYJOB.BAT

FTP -n -s:script1.scr XX.XX.XXX.XX

where XX.XX.XXX.XX is the ip address of the mainframe

Step 3: Schedule the above batch file MYJOB.BAT in the windows scheduler to run at a particular time using the instructions given below

Goto Control Panel --> Go to Scheduled Tasks --> Add a new task for the above BAT file by browsing the BAT file.

Refer this link for scheduling a task in windows 



PJS not working properly in my system...plz help me

I have a test mainframes job .i want to automate it daily using PJS.
i've followed the above steps .i could see that is Ran fine in schedued tasks in windows.But i can't get the output of the job in spool in mainframes environment.

could you please help me in this.

please lemme know if u can't understand my problem.

Thanks and regards,

PJS is not working properly.plz help me


I have a mainframes test job .which should run daily .So i automated it as per the above steps.It ran fine in Scheduled tasks in windows environment But i can't get even status/output of this job in spool under mainframes environment.plz help me here.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks and regards,

Automation of Job Submission


I have lot of jobs in a set of 10,15,20 which i need to run and submit one after another depending on what i need to do.
So, i was thinking of automating the process of submission of Jobs.
Like if we write a REXX or FTP program then that program will run n submit the JCL's one after another if the predecessor job is successfull MAXCC=0 in either SPOOL(SD;ST) or SAR.
Can we do this automation.I know in REXX we have ISREDIT "SUBMIT" command to submit JCL/JOBs.
But how do we read the MAXCC=0/008/0016/SOC7/SC04 out put of precedessor Job and depending on successful submission the REXX/FTP automatically submits next job.IF predecessor ABENDs then the REXX/FTP should stp and can start once again if job runs successfully.
Please let me know.

Thanks in Advance,


Hi, I need the same solution,


I need the same solution, I've looked everywhere but couldn't find anything close. This post seems to be an old one, if you have a solution, could you please let me know. I would greatly appreciate any help.

PJS is not working in my system help me.

Hi I have tested  using the above instructions.The schedule task was started on the time but the job was not executed and it and it was not showing in the spool .. Plz help me and tell the solution ?

please drop me a mail for solution to this problem :

Thanks & Regards,



Suggest you ask your

Suggest you ask your technical support if this is permitted on your system (which you should have done before trying something you found on the internet). It may be unavailable.

If it is permitted, you may have something in the FTP statements that will not work on your system. Again, ask your technical support.

If the job actually reached the mainframe, it may have been rejected due to some kind of "invalid job" statement and would have been flushed with no traces in the sdsf queues. Run another test watching the console log while this is being "sent & run".