Notifying multiple users using JCL

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Notifying multiple users using JCL







In our system, there are multiple people responsible for monitoring a particular set of jobs, which run in the cycle. 
I need to have some mechanism of reporting the un-successful finish of a Job to these multiple users. The Notify parameter
of the job, as far as I know, it can notifiy only one user at a time. 
Can someone give any inputs on notifying multiple users through a Job?
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Notifying to multiple users through jcl

There is no way to notify multiple users thru NOTIFY parameter in the job card.At a time you can only notify one user-id.

But you could use TSO SEND command unter IKJEFT01 to notify some users.

Notify using REXX or clist


You can write a REXX or CLIST which has TSO SEND command sending to multiple users and add a step to this JCL to run 
this REXX/CLIST in batch mode using IKJEFT01 utility.
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