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Mainframe Tutorials

The website contains a lot of mainframe tutorials and articles for its users. These mainframe tutorials can come handy if you are preparing for a mainframe interview or if you want to brush up on your basic mainframe skills. 

There are several mainframe tutorials on the website, some are in the form of interview questions and answers format, some are basic write ups about a mainframe topic, and some are video tutorials. Video tutorials I believe are the best media when it comes to imparting some knowledge in limited time. I have collated all the videos that I have put under different sections over here so that it becomes easy for users who are solely looking for video tutorials. You can find these videos at youtube at my channel - Do remember to subscribe to the channel to get the latest updated video tutorials.

Since mainframe is a niche topic so you would not find many websites providing mainframe tutorials of good quality. But if you are a mainframe geek then you would certainly love this website.


Personal Job Scheduler by :- 

The following mainframe tutorial describes a step by step process of creating your own Job/JCl scheduler which you can use to trigger time dependent jobs.

Basic SDSF commands by :

The following mainframe tutorial describes all basic SDSF commands. The tutorial will help you in working efficiently with SDSF tool. 

Basic ISPF commands by

The following mainframe tutorial describes the basic ISPF commands and their usage. After going through the tutorial you would have a better idea about the power of ISPF editor that you have been using for years.

Basic ISPF line commands by

The following mainframe tutorial on ISPF line commands will give you an insight on the line commands available on ISPF editor.

Basic ISPF command line commands by

This mainframe tutorial on ISPF command line commands lists down all the basic command line commands and their usage.

How to Execute CLIST by

If you are a newbie to CLIST language and have written a small tool yourself, you would want to test it before you can share it with your team. The following mainframe tutorial will give you a step by step approach of setting up the environment so that you can start executing your CLISTS.

COBOL Interview questions by

The following screen cast gives you certain cobol interview questions that you can go through and brush up on your cobol skill so that you are ready to take on COBOL interviews.


Record and Play Textpad Macros by

Textpad editor is a powerful editor available in the market. If you have been textpad for a while and have not had a chance to explore the power of macros in textpad then you would be delighted to see this tutorial. This screen cast shows how you can easily create textpad macros, record them and later use them. 


I just happened to watch your video "ISPF command line commands". It is very nicely explained. I enjoyed it.

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