JCL to submit particular steps of another JCL using IEBEDIT


IEBEDIT Example- JCL to submit particular steps of another JCL
You may get a scenario where you wish to submit/execute only particular steps of a jcl and exclude 
others. Although this can be handled by using COND parameter but this would require editing
the original JCL to include COND parameter at each step and may be tedious exercise, and you 
might not have the access to change the original JCL.
The following JCL using IEBEDIT utility can be helpful in acheiving the above without 
editing the original JCL.
This would include Step name STEP010 of Jcl JOBNAM1 present in library
//IEBEDITA JOB (XXXXXXXX,,,,,XXXX),'       ',CLASS=T,         
//            MSGCLASS=Y,NOTIFY=&SYSUID                       
//* EXAMPLE FOR IEBEDIT UTILITY                               
//STEP001  EXEC PGM=IEBEDIT                                   
//SYSUT2   DD  SYSOUT=(*,INTRDR)                              
//SYSPRINT DD  SYSOUT=*                                       
//SYSIN    DD  *                                              
  EDIT TYPE=INCLUDE,STEPNAME=(STEP010)                       
USERID.ABC.JCLLIB is the Library containing the Input JCL
JOBNAM1 is the input JCL name
The other examples of SYSIN card can be
  EDIT TYPE=INCLUDE,STEPNAME=(STEP010,STEP040)        - To include stepnames STEP10 and STEP40               
  EDIT TYPE=EXCLUDE,STEPNAME=(STEP040)                - To exclude stepnames STEP40