Is it possible to find how many mainframe-ids are working this time in a company?

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Is it possible to find how many mainframe-ids are working this time in a company?

Please let me know, can we find how many users(mainframe user-id's) are working at a particular time in a organization.

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how many userids are "working"

Depends on what you mean by "working".

Are you trying to determine how many are logged on, how many could possibly log on (i.e. defined to the system), or something else?

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yes...I need to find how many logged on and also their ids

Is there any possibility to find it?

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Find how many userids are "working"

If you mean TSO users, you can issue the command DIS A OTSU (if memory serves) in SDSF to display only the active tso users.

If you are using something like Adabas/Natuarl, there are different commands. Same with other integrated products like IDMS, Datacom/IDEAL, etc.

You might also ask your CICS support what transaction(s) can be entered on your system to inquire about cics users (these commands may be restricted).

If you are looking for something else, please clarify.

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Thanks for your reply DikDude

Hello Dik,

The command DIS A OTSU is not working to me, in SDSF we can able to find the active users by using DA option.

But is there any other option.

once again thanks for your reply..I have learnt a new thing

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mainframe ids that are working


What "other option" are you looking for? 

Anonymous (not verified)
s.a.t.8 shows the number of


shows the number of  TSO users (no IDs shown)

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