How is mainframe for 2012 in india for a fresher

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How is mainframe for 2012 in india for a fresher

iam learning mainframe now and it will last for by march how will be the to get reference for freshers job..pls pls pls pls help

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sure by Nov you will be

sure by Nov you will be having lot of opportunities on Mainframe. mean time u be a Master in Mainframe technology once the opportunity comes crack the opp . All the best . 

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You realize, perhaps, that

You realize, perhaps, that you have replied to a topic that was posted last year looking for opportunities in March - months ago. . .

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Reg: Mainframe Opportunities

How s the openings for Mainframe Programmers by the end of this year.

I m looking forward to do a 3 Months Mainframe Application Programming course.

How i need to be prepared myself to be employable as Mainframe Programmer?

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I am looking for mainframe job for since 6 month(2+year exp in mainframe ).I didn't get any call or good opportunity so far.Let me know if any job opening comes in it,Plz drop an email to

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