File Manager to get record count of VSAM


File Manager to get record count of VSAM
You can use the following steps to get the record count in VSAM file
using file manager
Step1: Start
Step2: File (To invoke file manager)
file manager
Step3:  On the  "PRIMARY OPTION MENU" screen chose option  3 (Utilities)
file manager primary option menu
Step4:  From the "UTILITY FUNCTIONS" screen choose option 4 (Dslist).
file manager utility functions
Step5: On the "CATALOG SERVICES" screen, Provide the name of vsam file
file manager catalog services
Step6: On the "DATA SET LIST" screen put an "I" against the vsam file and enter. 
file manager data set list
Step7:  On the "VSAM ENTRY DETAIL" screen, press F11 
VSAM Entry Detail
Step 8: On the "VSAM STATISTICS AND EXTENT DETAIL" screen, Under VSAM Statistics: you can find the number of records specified under "Total" as shown below